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Mediation Services

Ascent HR offers Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services as an effective means to resolve disputes arising in the workplace or general commercial disputes.

Mediation in itself is a process that allows parties that are in dispute with the assistance of an Ascent HR Dispute Resolution Practitioner (Mediator) to develop options, explore alternatives and ultimately seek to reach a binding agreement.

Instances where Mediation is utilised can be within a voluntary capacity, under a court order or as part of a contractual clause in the resolution of disputes.

The advantages of mediation as a form of ADR allows Businesses and individuals alike to settle disputes between parties where the control of options generated and potential settlement reached is driven by the disputing parties rather than an arbitrator. Financially, Mediation is significantly more cost effective than litigation and arbitration.

Ascent HR mediators are accredited by Australian Commercial Disputes Centre and are a part of the Employee Relations panel.