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A list of our services are summarized across three support streams , as part of our initial free general consultation a proposal will be generated and our range of services can be tailored individually or be arranged in combination depending on what your requirements are.

Basic HR Support

Basic HR systems, processes and plans are the first steps in ensuring you have the right foundations to successfully run your Business and position it for growth.

  • Optimisation of current organisational structure
  • Policies and procedures
  • Remuneration and Benefits
  • Recruitment Plan and review of current suppliers
  • Review and drafting of employment contracts
  • Basic HR plan with a customized toolkit

Strategic HR Support

How to leverage your people capital to get the best for your Business? This support will ensure your HR strategy is effectively positioned to support your business most

  • Employee Relations review and strategy development
  • Core competency development
  • Strategic recruitment and Resource Management plans
  • Performance Management systems
  • Return to Work Plans
  • Growth and Change Management plans

Advanced HR Support

Aligning your HR plan to support your business strategy to achieve real results. Advanced support provides a higher level of support that aims to directly impact the business effectiveness with HR management capability.

  • Leadership development
  • Shared Services model development
  • Capability development
  • Retrenchment services
  • Performance Management coaching plan and coordination
  • Disciplinary processes, approach and plans
  • General Industrial Relations services and guidance
  • Strategic Human Resources Plan